Maybe you sweat a lot because oh I don't know, YOURE ALWAYS WEARING FREAKIN SWEATERS

don’t tell me how to live my life

For some reason I always pronounce your last name as bellshit. I don't know why.

i’m going to cry manly tears of frustration

Ludwig you've impregnated me fix this you imbecile I do not have the parts for this Scheisse. -<3 Roderich

don’t use <3 at the end of such a sentence it makes me uncomfortable


why is prussia singing about anacondas i swear if he asks me to buy him a pet snake i’m going to scream


why is prussia singing about anacondas i swear if he asks me to buy him a snake pet i’m going to scream

How old were you when you were seven?

I accidentally your sink


why are you always sweating?

it’s not sweat it’s my faith in humanity

y eah

We are Doitsuists, we follow and praise you, oh mighty Doitsu. Accept our humble offerings of wurst, beer and Italy. We shall forever praise the lord king Doitsu. All hail Doitsu.

what the fukc

bratwursts are the bratWORSTS-

excuse me 

You can only choose one to save and keep. The other items you can't keep, have, or see them-potatoes, beer, sauerkraut, pretzels, or Italy. Choose wisely

i choose you pikachu

potato slut

now listen up you lil shit

I recommend the beethoven sandwich. It has a lot of baNANANAAAAA

What if every person you have ever known was on a bus heading off a cliff and you could only save ONE person?

i’m hungry for a sandwich what kind of sandwich do u guys recommend